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Mermaid Night

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Dip below.

It becomes as above for the Mermaid as a Doorway opens to another World.

A Mirror.

It gives us a view of the Sun and all the heavenly stars twinkle at its gateway. The sweetest Song of the Mermaids can be heard as its sound magically vibrates in the waves of the Sea carried by the tiniest droplet of water. Floating between our World and theirs, the Mer Beings sing their Oceanic songs as the Sun rises and sets with the frequency of the Moon shadowing the misty tunes that gently make their way toward land tumbling the Seafoam to become Images that shape shift before our eyes as the stars dance the Sacred Melody of the Universe's Voice.

~Sound upon sound layered in the water's waves wash to shore with the risen Mermaids~


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