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Mermaid Moon Sounds

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

It just barely whispers through the Otherworldly Door...

The Siren's Song of the Mermaids. It moves powerfully and steadily through the light of the Moon flowing with the Ocean Waves as the water sways and foams.

You can almost see them, the Mermaids as the Siren Song hangs in the air shifting through dimensions as they speak through their Ocean Music. The tone and pitch of their Sea Melody is carried in their eyes. They capture you with a stare even before they Sing if you are drawn into their World, catching a glimpse of them.

The Siren Sound

It is the Air. It is Thought. It is the Mysteries of the Ocean gently spilling out through the lips of the Mermaid as she Sings of her travels to different dimensions. The Moon is but one Door that smiles with the Mermaid's laughter as her most private thoughts trickle down through the fullness of its light only to fall silent again with the shift of each phase as she closes and locks her treasure chest buried below the Sea until next light and shift of the tide that calls forth her Sounds again.


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