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Mermaid Moon Bath

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Its beauty whispers soothingly as a soft melody spills through the air enchanting us with each invisible note that hangs between this World and the next...

A mystery unravels as our Spirits are gently tugged to remember, to open and to respond.

I am Moonlight, I am stardust, I am ignited radiance at my Cosmic Door.

The luster of the Moon light calls me forth...

...As the glowing words of the Universe's Language enters my heart chamber not for the first time nor the last but as a passage of the night set long ago to continuously occur as written in the book of light.

It echoes my true Name. Oh how gently it brings a smile to my face. The glowing Full Moon pulsing yet not in haste as we have tasted together the turning of time in slowness as days stretched into the Worlds that we now walk upon and see through sometimes slumbering senses but this Moon through its lullaby reawakens the symbols thought to be....

Distant, of the past, ancient her-story wrapped in midnight hushed sounds of the Mermaid's Melody set to unfold through his sounds tumbling through history as a line entwined together to become the Moonlight Sound we see only as a Full Moon of She.

It is a transmission transmitting the language of our spiraling birth story.


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