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Mermaid Journey....

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Let's take a walk together as the Mermaid Door opens....

It's the time of year and frequency for it! Hallows' Eve approaches bringing with it a set of stars only seen when the Veil between Worlds parts* The build up to this very moment occurs in our hearts as we dream, dream....and dream some more....

We are actually awake to it though our hearts may wonder until the deeper part of the night let's loose...unraveling with it all that our minds hold that the stars serve as books for...for releasing when ready, when it's time...and that in itself is it! Time! Much is set or preset within time...or outside of time to occur for us as written by our deeds and actions. We ascend or descend as a World(Collective)according to the frequency we bring in. We all share in raising the frequency or lowering it as we know and as is recorded and viewable for us through our third eye. We feel that which the World has become and we flow with a vibration as we meet and match with the stars.

Hallows' Eve....a Day set with Ghouls and Ghost is indeed a day set with Spirit! It is a Eve cast in Mist and Mystery so my mind says as I play and write for fun....but it is also a day of the open heart and much expressed emotion as we mingle and swirl with what is actually true...we know it in our heart of hearts! There is more here and there...out among the stars...then what we see. We feel it! We dream it and we merge and speak with it as we go about our days and allow our vibration to expand out, creating a perfect picture of who we are, why we are here and what we are most desirous to speak. We go up a bit on Hallows' Eve...somewhat floating with the Heavens then gently come back down as what we merged and created with flows back down with energy is cast. A pitch is heard as Spirits speak and we ourselves wrapped in the cloak of the winters cold air sink in a bit more in search of the cozy warmth that now beckons us in our dreams fore...we do sleep a bit more in this blustery fall weather tinged with the winter's chill. We turn among our bed sheets as energy turns with us and we awaken the second awakening that walks with us during the day, lighting the way of our steps in the so called light of the daytime as the true light source of our now moment beats among the breath of what we don't see. May the heart expand ever more... the distance of the misty moonlit Ocean, the Mermaids swim toward us from the Portal of Neptune*

They Open a Sea Door....

It's a Door filled with light and it sways along with the sound of our heart light.

The Mermaids sense our dreams and swim into our dimension on the frequency of the thinning veil as Hallows'Eve approaches. They slip in under the cover of darkness lit by a single Mermaid Song drifting on the light of the Moon as it touches the Ocean Seafoam and crashing waves. But for a moment, the Mermaids take on their other appearance, that of legs allowing the glimmer of their fins and scales to fade for a bit as they venture out to see us, humans. Are they really here!? They are as far as connection. They sense us and we sense them. The Mermaids reach out to us in ways that we understand and playfully connect as Hallow's Eve allows for a lighter energy to take place when dreamers cast aside doubts to investigate and ponder a bit more. Some dreams are fulfilled, some miracles take place and some are a bit more lifted to continue dreaming. As night shifts to day and what is thought normal returns, the Mermaids take on their Fin Forms again as their Sea Song touches the light of the Sun fading their images away.


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