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Mermaid Fin-Tuition Report November 2022

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Breath of Air and Depth of the Sea**


Tt's been a while since I've written a Fin-tuition post. You could say the tides were changing for this Mermaid Intuitive!! There has been a lot of change and shifting for perhaps many. A Spirit Door is newly open, and much is occurring within all of us in alignment with the Sun's Eye/Frequency.

My heart feels a shift in frequency from the Sun as if a dial turned slightly. This caused sparks to fly literally within us as our bodies responded to the change on a cellular level. We aligned and our Third Eye adjusted. Mentally we may feel a bit more resigned to do what we feel in our hearts is meant. Our intuitive nature has risen to the surface to express what was bursting through us to be said. We are shining the light of who we are clearly as our Spirits reveal themselves just beneath the layer of our skin moving us as One.

Much turmoil is occurring in the World right now. It marks a time of things falling away. What will remain is what is firmly anchored by Spirit. Spirit being that which revolves around the Earth and that which revolves within everything. It is what holds the very fabric of life together. The Higher Realms of Government are with us keeping energy from moving too erratically to the point of a total collapse, yet we see and feel the fibers of a scorching fire. It is indeed frequency marking the changing of times as it spins in the Cosmos weaving a story here on Earth anew.

Do you think we were made for this particular time period?

We do shift in energy as if taking on new bodies, feeling like we are born again when the need to rise occurs. We have preset light bodies ready for us when we need them. Sound sci-fi!? Perhaps, Angelic, yes. We might feel like we already know the outcome of where we are headed as a Collective. It is true that a path sort of already written is moving and we feel this path as if we are walking on the very edge of it parallel, yet a Cosmic Wind moves with us, that which links with our own energy that has been in the making and building for many Star Lifetimes. So, we are experiencing energy granted and given long ago as God/Source's gift of life and energy that we on our Human Level create. The magic and gift of life!

So beautiful.

We are the image of God/dess and we grow and move with Light. We are intelligent. We are intuitive and we are synced with the times that we are living in. The very Air opens for us so to speak, and the Sea reveals its depths as both spaces grant us Life and allow us to pulse alive with Earth. Both spaces have a Voice. Both spaces speak through prophecy. Both spaces hold the Sacred Fire on a level not traversed by land yet...a small ember is here merging all four elements into existence within our grasp.

We are the future.

We are the voice of Source breathed into life.

We are the experience of energy creating on this level


the Physical Realm.


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