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Mer*Morning Rituals

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Good Morning!


Start your day off fresh and relaxed.

Begin with a face massage.

You never realize how tense your facial muscles are other then your temples when you have a headache or when you experience pressure from sinus issues so the other muscles go largely unnoticed most days but by performing a simple self massage using gentle circular strokes around the ears, mouth, under the chin and on the cheeks and forehead, you can begin your day a little less tense and mindful of the forgotten areas.

You can perform this simple routine daily before work or whenever you need a quick 5 minute{1 to 5 minutes will do!} burst of fresh soothing energy.

Opening the way to alleviate stress in small ways allows energy to subtly shift so that the usual build up of deeper tension doesn't occur or at least isn't as intense.

Also it aids with mindfulness of self so that you begin your day thinking about your comfort and health along with the needs of others.

~Small habits give way to bigger practices.~


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