Mer Energy of the Week~ hibernation

The past few months have been quite busy!

As New Doors of opportunity opened, I settled into the energy as it expanded, fully taking form to reveal what had been building all along. A line of light moved forward giving allowance for me to step in before bursting free again to the unseen...

Leaving me behind to quietly ponder as I now rest, recalibrate and heal. Slumber now lays the foundation of light as I slowly slip into the soft caress of my third eye weaving it's delicate story throughout my Auric Field to brighten the way of the next steps I'm meant to tread~Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.



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Echoing sounds of the Ocean encased in sky gray and white clouds send streams of words that begin and pause as if Sea God Neptune's very voice is pushing the waves forward with life as he views it.