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Meet Me...

Updated: Jun 26, 2019 our Dreams. We'll share stories over coffee and pastries about our travels through the Moonlight with twists and turns through all the different Galaxies that beckoned our hearts to star-see. Let's grab our umbrella's and lift like Mary Poppins as daydreams fly all around but wait...

I am not who you think I am fore my legs do not tell my truth. First, let me Sing to the Sea that it may answer my melody and grant the star wish that I breathe through...

Opening it's great Ocean Magic, at the bequest of PÕŜÊĨĎÕŇ, turning every roaring, rolling wave into the crest of an answer that unfurls as it sparks, igniting each shimmery color of my scales and fin to in turn transform as the ancient language between Mer Beings and the Sea is spoken and the conversation of our light as transmitted through the stars grants us legs as the promise of PÕŜÊĨĎÕŇ opens and closes with the Sea Time set for us to explore with great adventure, answering the Moonlight's Call as it spills onto land revealing all the wonders of the night before the Sun kisses the day sky further lengthening our great journey until the Siren Song calls our heart again and the sweet unfurling of our fins causes our legs to drag heavy with each step upon the ground no longer as desirous as the glide through the magnificent Ocean in the Form that is the first birth of our Spirits that forever sings the love song of the Mermaid Siren who in shadow reflects PÕŜÊĨĎÕŇ and His ÊŶÊ of creation dancing before the essence of starlight destined to become a Voice, a Form, a Soul, a person not separate from humanity but simply another thought of life in motion, connected to its Creator and spun in the finest Star Silk of the Cosmos interweaving Merfolk with Others of the stars descending down the web of life.

So...yes, meet me after the Seafoam fades back allowing me to run toward the Moon softly glowing on the path I am meant to tread and fly, lifting to Angel heights until the glisten of the Sea Stars I can bare no more, answering their enchanted call with the swish of my fin and a nod to the Myths of Olde.


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