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Leap...into the Heart*

Updated: May 7, 2020

We mingled and danced close to the edge of the perceived cliff until I decided to jump and in the falling a thousand stars glimmered capturing the corners of my mind where darkness pulsed pretending to be the unknown but I desired it anyway as fear and disappointment somewhat chased me there to the solace and solitude that I now welcomed as the most comfortable blanket allowing my mind to bleed and my thoughts to settle but in the darkness light broke through as knowledge revealed its pages of wisdom between words and schools of thoughts often so much already known by many but the spark is what is amiss. No book nor memory can ever take you to flight like the touch of the Creator who sits in every cell of your body and who ignites the ray bringing out the beautiful light that is you as you whispered to yourself when you mingled and danced revealing the essence of you with your higher self who is you at every level. Minds divided seeming as two are only one. The subconscious dances its song and we in response and being taught awaken but beautiful one we were awakened all the time. The fight with Self is the hardest until we look beyond the doors of mazes and answers to allow what waits to simply unfurl. The stars are such that they remind us on a deep passionate level what we ourselves are and can be in truth as they sparkle and spin in such a mesmerizing way reminding us not to fear our own power that ever flows from within where knowledge and wisdom sits whole. The third eye is our Door but we are the Heart when we allow and drop...fall, leaving behind yes many doors but we are open as walls no longer exist.✨🧜‍♀️


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