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Just Another Day in the City...

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

I have thoroughly enjoyed walking around town,

...taking pictures of the beautiful older buildings

that line the city streets,

from small quaint restaurants that are just reopening to a revived flow of patrons to the taller office buildings settled in-between newly risen sleek apartment designs. Downtown living! It's a marriage between home and office allowing for a short trip to place you exactly at the perfect time...or at least the perfect time for me which is directly after one of the many pubs or eateries before it gets crowded. A little less then a year ago, I sold my two bedroom house and moved back to the city. It had been a dream of mine for a while to live downtown. Thinking it much too pricey, I put that dream on the backburner as the housing market didn't allow for much movement at the time by me anyway. I had all but given up as I began to entertain the thought of renting my space out and becoming a landlord to make my dream come true. It wasn't a thought I relished so I kind of did my research while purposely holding off and moving slow because I really didn't want to go that route when things opened. It was all of a sudden and like a whirlwind I sold my house in one week...and thankfully so because I had already eyed and placed a hold on the very apartment that I wanted thinking that something was going to come through.


I wanted space which is usually what a county setting provides...more trees, neighbors a bit further apart, several parks and water which is what I experienced in part but...

Something was missing,

A feeling. A feeling of a vibe. I wasn't that far away from the city but enough for the drive in town to be bothersome. I opted for the bus instead of driving to work to make up for the rise in gas prices and I often visited the parks to walk the trails or just sit by the water watching the Sun go down. There were restaurants and shops as well as clubs that gave a bit of a buzz to the night but my heart always drifted back to downtown where I often visited on the weekends for a particular park by the water in the city that I loved. It has a trail that takes you from one end of the harbor to the other with many stores and houses in-between. It was quiet in most areas with little hidden spots offering great food and drinks that seemed to pop up right in the middle of neighborhoods. I for one love pubs. I don't drink a lot though from my pictures you might think so but I simply post a lot. A half a glass of wine or one sweet mixed drink is all I generally want but I must say...I love to eat!;-) The city is filled with pubs offering great food and drinks with an atmosphere that feels neighborly in most cases. Some I visit quite often if I don't feel like cooking which I do more of in my new setting also but at a few of the spots, the prices are excellent and the food is great so I go quite often without hurting my pockets!

I can't say every experience has been a pleasure but where one establishment fails, there are a ton of others in the very next block or two.

Walking has been great also whether it's to and from work or to federal hill to watch the scene of the day wind down. It has been a breath of fresh air that offers peace, privacy and quiet when I need it because my view from my apartment on an upper floor gives all the space I need with an expansive view of the city and harbor versus neighbors yet I do have them...but the apartment building is thankfully pretty quiet with tons of events and sweet treats for socializing when I want to. We have wine down days, meet and greet days and usually stuff all through the year that affords the opportunity to socialize. The gym and pool are a great plus for summer and I simply love the close proximity to everything I enjoy. Art galleries and specialty shops sit side by side or close enough to park and walk if I do indeed take my car out for a bit but still, the drive isn't that far. I could still walk for what I'm speaking about.


I felt inspired to write as of late which I hadn't felt in awhile.

My mind felt a bit divided so I settled on posting pictures instead which I enjoy very much also but the dreaming part of me still fills with the yearning to write a book, short story...tell the tales of the Mermaids and intuitively speak what the Angels give to me. Hmm, my story is still one that meets with the Mer Beings, Faeries, Angels and Werewolves as they ever so gently hint at their presence dreams and small swaying's for me to go this way or that. I still post Mer Energy Updates but with a divided mind, I felt drawn to write a bit less for a while as I focused on how I felt on the inside with so much happening to us all personally with the events of the World unfolding. Collectively, it is happening to us all no matter how far away something occurs. It has been jarring to say the least. It seems as if we pull apart to be pulled back together. Also, many have left the earthly plane, some quite violently and I felt it to my core for days, months in some cases. Quiet time in a better space that fit my desires and needs became a must and the way opened finally if not perfectly. So, I'm going down writing memory lane so to speak and reposting some writings that are dear to my heart as energy builds for me to write something new. Perhaps I will start working on my second book again which I completed all but one chapter!

Until Next time,

Mer Intuitive


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