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I Wish...

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I wish...

...I said to the Moon,

before she opened.

I feel...spun the tune from my heart,

that now sits inside of me as a token.

A tiny spark of energy,

A mesmerizing spinning of the Sea...

a Voice heard only by me...

A heart says, yes a memory.

It spun so special, so gently to free...

The ever living Spirit so uniquely made to be...

A thought of the human me...pretending so to be

Yet I am a Mermaid,

said the Voice of the Sea.

Return to your truth,

and all that is revealed,

I will render to thee.

For I am what you searched for ever so quietly,

When you slipped through from your dreams,

gently asking for me...

The Eye that you saw and felt...

Poseidon...came to Be.


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