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Healing Light...

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

...can meet you anywhere.

In a large creaky house or in a tiny still apartment lit with a single candle swaying with the prayer of one chant. It can meet you among sparkling city lights filled with a myriad of windows all pulsing with the forms of tired, sleepy figures and energetic dancing Souls.

It can meet you under the cloak of darkness in a forest brimming with starlight as many shadowy figures holding hands beside dimly lit tents search the skies for alien sights and signs of lost hidden Inner Worlds that still sit in the hearts of some dreamers waiting for the magic of Mount Shasta to burst open in a new intuitive way, granting this civilization with gifts that as of yet are still only whispers though in some ways lived by some...

Healing light...It can meet you among close friends in a private ceremony or in a bar filled with perceived strangers right!?

It meets us wherever we are open...

...clearing away lower energy as it smoothly reveals a path of what really sits before you, with your thoughts, with your intentions and with your own personal energy that fills the room becoming what you intuit, experience and put out. Like a burning flame, we continue the fire that sparks within us though its beginning source may no longer be clearly visible. We are the voice, we are the echo...we are the continuation of its purpose be it truly en-lightenment or a spark fanning forth many things to be seen by us to help us remember what light truly is as it allows what is in the shadows to dance forth before being cast away again into darkness...the dark corners of our minds or within the darkness of deeds that some say lead back to the light.

What say you...!? Is it your heart that speaks or Spirits of the Shadow...another form of you delving into the dance between dark and light as they meet and kiss tangling to become one as part says...we are the same while not truly knowing itself. Light is light. It is not confusing nor confused. It speaks truth as it moves through its pain saying exactly what it is...pain wanting to shift into its true feelings of love as it seeks to move out of the darkness to express its actual essence that resides within the Thought of GOD/DESS.

Spiraling light...the tiny candle in our house or apartment flickers, continuing its speech as each syllable on its flame reaches out to touch parts of our body...what we deem physical and spirit. It soothes and smooths away pain and tension formerly trapped in our bodies as it see's and reveals to us what the source of our pain is. Long buried problems that feel deeply etched in our skin seem to rise now as this darkness filled by a single candle offers solace. We are alone yet not as we sit with our higher selves. We may not think of it in this may seem as if only the candle sits before us as our thoughts spin and spin...and spin out. Tears might stream down as we begin to ponder yet again the problem that buries itself between reveals. Relief may fill us as we think over past days where answers and action seemed to ensue causing temporary relief of the problem. Yet, tonight under the Doorway of the Moonlight with this small slither of a burning candle we sit...assessing again. The problem may be resolved but our physical body needs the spirit...that place where mind meets Eye...where we know along with feeling. Shall we call it integration and a jump in frequency as our Higher Self taps us just a little so that we feel what light speaks to us.


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