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Good Night. Rest Well.✨

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Slumber sweetly...

within the frequency of the

Mermaid shimmery pool.

It cascades softly within the energy of sound slowly drifting in between the patter of synchronized beats present everywhere in the air. It sits below the Ocean waves buried deeply within Neptune's seashells,

Rising when the Moonlight beams the crescent shape.

As the curtain of night drops igniting the light of the stars, the creatures of the night rise...

To ever so quietly begin their journeys in full awareness of the soft sounds that delicately bounce through the night...

Touching all that subconsciously beckons it near,

Relaxing muscles to expand and stretch

Tuning sounds to sync and settle


Easing dreams to comfort as they teach,

As you


As you slumber.


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