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Mermaid Morning

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

In the Otherworld Mermaids swim side by side in great number. They all reflect a picture of the Sky in their eyes that mimics the rhythmic movements of their Siren Song. They are one with the elements as they perform their usual Sea Dance that causes the Ocean waves to roll to Neptune's Ancient Song and allows them to seamlessly switch from fins to legs as soon as they step out of the water.

Their fins are a rainbow of shimmery colors that blend in with the frequency of the Ocean making it difficult for anyone to see the Mermaids beyond the camouflage of the natural sea creatures who respond to the Mermaids Songs in many different dimensions often appearing hyponized by it though in truth they are communicating with one another.

Mer People communicate and exist in many Realms often working right beside the Angels on assignments that assist with Planetary Ascension. They work very discreetly not always revealing that they are Mer Beings. Mer People have been around for many lifetimes traveling the Cosmos as they slip in and out of many dimensions appearing to disappear or reappear in our human timeline.


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