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Fairy Flower Frequency 🌺

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Through Nature we see Ourself...

🌺The Devic Kingdom 🌺

Though my deepest Spirit Connection and Re-remembering is with Mer Beings and the heart light that acts as an opening for me to expand and feel lit up in essence is from my Mermaid Fin Body Type that spirals light downward rather than up as Kundalini energy does, I also feel another cherished space...the Faerie Realm.

From Spirit...

The Faery Realm is one Portal that acts as a Doorway for us to enter into Earth's Physical Dream through the plant kingdom.

We see a reflection of ourselves through the flowers and plants. On a subtle level we can communicate with them. The beautiful colors in nature are reflected through our chakras. If we are gentle with nature, nature will in turn be gentle with us. As Stewards of nature, we should tend to her gently and with intention to feel more deeply through frequency and vibration. What happens to Earth happens to us. Our futures are linked.

In Vision...

I did see myself incarnate as a Fairy.

Does belief and acceptance that you have been here before in another body type or as a different type of Being diminish your experience as a human? Experiencing life as a different Being here on Earth brings your experience full circle. We experience life on different levels and get a clearer perspective of Earth. How she pulses with energy through all life on Earth and how she vibes with the Sun. It's such a delicate experience though at times we forget this because of the harsh times that we are living in. We can ever so gently bring the higher frequencies through to Earth as the Sun acts as a channel for us to connect with and a tunnel forms where our Spirits descend lighter energies. An exchange of energies would occur between us and nature and each would benefit and grow, flourishing higher and higher...Ascension.

What of presence?

Are we up somewhere, more there than here when we connect with higher energies that bring us into awareness of other Beings?

How much you connect and are aware of Other Life...Extraterrestrial depends on you, your sensitivity, spirit purpose and acceptance of what is opening to you. To live in both Worlds so to speak is to become acclimated and comfortable with both energies...that of Earth and that which is Off World. Little by little you get comfortable in your skin...your light body or does your physical body seem more real?

You don't lose or let go of your physical body/humanness but you integrate slowly or in some cases spontaneously as I read about but it was spoken of to be very rare. The spontaneous case serves a purpose as a Portal to Earth opens up immediately. You aren't going to fly off in space somewhere but an abundance of star knowledge will be accessible and a Spirit Teacher to help you understand all that has opened to you. An open door doesn't mean that you understand everything that you see but you have access to more. A Spirit Guide or Teacher traveling the light that you access will connect with you and help you. I say traveling light because the Star Being Guide has more experience in that Light Space than us perhaps having lived in that frequency for many lifetimes and they have a broader experience(multidimensional) than ours from this vantage point so when we tap in or Source/God/dess taps us in...the Guide hears us and connects. The Guide could be traveling in several higher frequencies but once we are connected, they pick up. Also, our higher selves are with us and they watch over us as we take on higher energy and ascend during different physical incarnations. We grow with each jump and assist Earth to Ascend in frequency. So, how big are Spirits/Higher Selves if we grow and ascend at a lower level several times? A person thousands of years old could in fact be a child in spirit.

The veil covers much.

What appears big and grand is indeed bigger through smallness.

And as we ascend,

To be present with the Creator brings much potential through that expands in many miraculous ways that touch several dimensions. From our Earthly vantage point, we might view the new accessible frequencies as if they are anchored here but not fully expressed until other accompanying frequencies come through. That's possible but it is also possible for the subtle frequency to pick up its pace here if something expands it further than perhaps expected.

Faith without hope right!? is the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.

There is so much to be said on this topic...let's chat later!!:-)


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