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Fin-tuition~ Valentine's Day Portal

Updated: Feb 15, 2023 this moment our hearts are open wide. You could say that our hearts have been cracked wide open. Through the path of sorrow we have reached our truth...or it spills out nonetheless. Honesty is at the core of what we are experiencing right now. The Universe is singing the vibration of honesty and it permeates our Earth atmosphere.

A Cosmic Door is Open.


Valentine's Day Message

An eye is open you may feel but in truth it has been open all along. It is the Cosmic Eye of the Heart. Through these current times you have been feeling your way through. Subconsciously you aligned yourself to make the decisions you are making now. At this moment your thoughts are on the holiday celebration, Valentine's Day. Your minds are open and wondering...about love. Where am I with love, romantically where do we stand. Or you may there more to love than what I feel at this moment.

Dear friends...We are Love.

We ask for the things that are already inside of us to give and expand. We wonder on the human level if love will be reciprocated if we extend it out but that is only because we are Mirrors to each other. Expectation is built within us but what plays out isn't always what we hold at our core...our heart frequency.

Sometimes what plays out and is experienced are more of the things that surround us rather than what we came here as Spirits to bring in...the higher frequencies of the Universe. It is a blend of frequencies...lower and higher that are meant to meet and merge here on our Earth level. Physicality meets Spirituality. The body lights up and expands its glow...our Center, Heart Light reveals itself and thus...another level of us comes through, a higher Self is born and we ascend. Mentally we grow also as knowledge overflows within us naturally as more light allows for it. We connect with more and sense more as we become more sensitive to the delicate make up that is us. We give more because we feel more and in essence we become love walking in the physical. Our hearts see and experience through our physical eyes and we search for what matches, what fits. Whatever comes forward for us to experience feeds our emotions and thus begins the cycle of everything now connecting...physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If an opening occurs for light and the meeting and merging of frequencies, then growth and change takes place that we may have been anticipating or feel was synced to occur. If we are closed for some reason, perhaps afraid or experiencing trauma, then Angels step in to help us release our pains. Our chakras respond, spinning in harmony with what we are releasing. Our thoughts that we don't understand what we are feeling or going through fuel confusion which leads to anxiety and a slowing down of our chakras. We may rest more. We may subconsciously ask for guidance more. Chakra Energy may move a bit slower as what is being worked out begins to show up on an energetic and physical level. If we have trouble releasing exiting lower energy a pause may occur. We may stay within the same energy for awhile, until another cycle begins or we may meet the same energy through different people, places and things. The energetic cycles that we go through are gently handled by the Angels who don't place a time on our healing. They are patient with us. With each healing there is a release and an acknowledgement within of where our Spirits were guiding us...

Toward our Higher Minds. Toward Self Awareness. Toward the Universe's Higher Energy. Toward the truth that the Light within us can expand at any moment heralding us on to the experience of Divine Source's beat pulsing within our hearts as a breath meant to be the walking of Wo/man as God/dess on Earth.


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