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EYE of the Heart~✨💓👁️💓✨Goddess Aphrodite

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Valentine's Energy Spread💞


~Cycle/Circle of Experiences~

~Embodiment/Flow of Life~

~Spread/Doorways and Opening of Experiences~

The placement of the cards share an energy of their own, speaking for themselves as the heart listens~says the Mer Angel.

The Mer Angel could represent a single Mer Angel or a Collective Voice of Mermaids shedding light on this eve of Valentine's Day{what do you hear}. The energy of Valentine's Day moves in this moment with Goddess Aphrodite's Energy. The Mermaids can speak on a wave of light sharing thoughts with us in turns as one speaks...then another or they can share on an energy that speaks all of their thoughts as one thus creating the Collective Oceanic Starry Voice of the Angelic Heralds. This is a heart centered light focused/streamed straight from the heart chakra of the Mer Angel that interestingly streams also from the eyes of the Mer Angels. As the information streams closer, the Mermaid fades away and disappears as only words appear on bands of light.

Goddess Aphrodite Wisdom wraps around the Mermaids Message as it enters our awareness. What's does Goddess Aphrodite's Energy do for us today in the present!?


For full post go to:

Cards~ Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish.


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