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Deeper Still...

Updated: Feb 7, 2021


...into the frequency of the watery deep.

The watery deep.

Below the waves, beyond all eyes,

where the Mermaids sleep.

It is a Realm that glistens and chimes, capturing your very heart.

It is their eye and space within the caves holding what many have sought.

Sailors of old paced the Seas in search of what they thought buried, only to rise as the broken bones to become the stories that they once carried...

Fore myth and legend twined with mortal man at the very moment of their seeking,

opening a way for a path to flow following the course of what was peeking.

It was in the wind. It was carried by the air. It became sound when all was considered fair.

And so goes the song of the Mermaids which may have never been heard because the heart of mortal man is what instead occurred,

thinking to open a Door or a path to one's wishes making them come true but the real intentions carried in the song of the heart is the only thing that broke through.~


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