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Channeling 😇 Angelic Messages. How does it Feel!?

Updated: Feb 1, 2022


I find it an interesting topic however I didn't think that it felt so great when it initially started happening.

When I was in high school, I was very fascinated with tarot cards and I always loved reading anything about fairies. I actually felt more connected to the Fae rather then Mer but perhaps those tiny sparks of interest were the beginning of what I deeply believe in and feel now. I did not experience channeling then but I was very curious and I fed my curiosity by reading anything that I could find on extraterrestrials, angels, fairies... surprisingly nothing about Mermaids until something abrupt occurred but I'll get into that later. First, I will say that I was a massage therapist well out of high school when I began studying a course on chakras. What I assumed at the time was that I accidentally tapped into something while working to clear my chakras as I read about it. I would study, practice, fall asleep, wake up and start again. I had no clue as to what was going on but I was very interested in holistic healing and this seemed to bridge with the things I learned earlier about spirit, spirituality and the higher self which I delved into through reading and playing with tarot was drastically different from my religious path at the time, that I eventually left but...I didn't put two and two together nor did I add Mermaids into the equation until some time later.

I simply kept studying and practicing my courses for my massage therapy license and I was trying to put into practice self healing through chakra clearing and energy work like reiki. It felt as if it lightened and made my body heavy at the same time. I didn't completely understand it but I was certain that I was doing everything that I was reading about and studying to become a better massage therapist and to work on myself utilizing the same holistic practicing that I was sharing with others. I hadn't yet received my license at this time but I was still in school and after getting my license I continued to study and practice to keep current and to renew my license. Well, this led to hours of energy work that I would do routinely to assess how I felt and if it was truly affective.

Hmm, interesting things started to happen after this. My third eye opened and scared the crap out of me because at the time I was at work, not massage, my other secular job...on a break taking a nap, I was not asleep mind you, I simply closed my eyes for a few seconds and all of a sudden visions popped up and I couldn't shut my third eye or turn it off! I was scared to death! After that, every time I tried to sleep, visions would pop up and I couldn't control what I was seeing. It was extremely vivid and the visions were accompanied by sounds and scents. I thought I was crazy! For a minute I was afraid to go to sleep because I didn't know what I would see, hear or feel. My first vision, I specifically remember seeing the most vivid moving picture of a black raven flying through the most beautiful richly hued sky. I gasped because the vision simply opened and I wasn't asleep! I was at work. During this time I lost the desire to eat sugary sweets, didn't want to watch tv programs that I usually liked, I couldn't tolerate the lower energy and other things changed at least for a period of time until I felt more settled. I would love to say it felt great but it actually felt great when I didn't fully understand everything and simply wasn't aware. As things began to dawn on me, I sought help and that's another story...but eventually I calmed myself down, called on Jehovah and prayed hard! This helped a bit but then something else happened...

I was watching a random show about Mermaids late one night... killer Mermaids when all of a sudden I jumped out of the bed in anger and yelled... they're not like angry with the tv. Um, where did that come from! I was the tv, 11:00 or so at night for no standing up... slowly becoming confused because I didn't know why I felt that way. I thought about this for days then slowly let it go until I started having dreams about Poseidon. I didn't see any visions of Mermen or Mermaids at first...only a very calm voice came to me at night when I would meditate and reflect on my life but eventually I did see several Forms of Poseidon, with a fin and with feet and I saw visions of myself as a Mermaid. More occurred that I won't go into because it was very personal but my thoughts shifted, my beliefs shifted and I felt good. It was my own experience perhaps not much different from others but it led to me feeling more satisfied with I felt inside and I was more cognizant of how I reflected who I was on the outside including who I am spiritually which I had formerly always connected to a religion.


I thought of it as simply playing around a bit. I would buy different decks of Tarot and Oracle Cards and practice with people who wanted readings and enjoyed it but at the same time so much was happening and changing. I was practicing with energy work when things began to take on a different tone thoughts were shifting, visions and vivid dreams started occurring and my taste in things that I had enjoyed for years started changing. I was relaxed, calm and frightened at the same time but also I was on a journey, my own personal journey to step into a more clearer way of being that reflected how I wanted to present myself rather then follow.

Angels, they appeared later and it was like a whirlwind of energy that slowed me down in some sense while things sped up. I had attended some classes where one person was channeling a Spirit or Consciousness that spoke...I eventually heard them myself during dream time and while I was awake. I initially asked for some things to stop because I just didn't understand it but I decided to educate myself and began reading more on different subjects that were now affecting me. I asked myself questions concerning how I really felt about things deep within and simply started to try to apply what I was feeling. I also stepped away from the tv...I had lost the desire to watch tv anyway and I started exercising more. I was peaceful on the outside and so ecstatic on the inside because the frequency of Poseidon felt so right. It fit perfectly. It answered every question I ever had and brought about something that I never knew was there, Mer Beings. Since then, I can simply say I believe what I believe. I don't judge others for their beliefs and I don't care if someone doesn't believe me. Everybody has their own story and you'd be surprised at how similar it may be when speaking about angelic or mythical things or things simply not fully understood or rarely talked about but trust in yourself helps and faith...relying on the meaning of it.

When you channel, it could very well be your own higher self or another higher consciousness. It could be a collective energy speaking or one being. It could be an Angel, Higher Self, Faery, Mer Being or another...I don't know, how many forms do you think God stopped at creating!?

When channeling, the Being will check to see if you can hear them. They will be patient with you, especially if you are channeling to an audience. If a question is asked, the channel does not break. The Being sits and waits patiently. We might have difficulty hearing or sensing the channel if their frequency is far away or high and hard for us to assimilate so to speak or understand. It might feel like we are trying to pull a thought back to us that occurred in a dream...faint or light...hard to hear the exact words that are being said because we are trying to connect to the frequency that may be an Angelic frequency and even some of the things being spoken may exist in writings already but it may take some time for us to get use to bypassing our own mind/thoughts to speak the words of the Consciousness that is expressing itself and using energy in a very specific way to convey certain feelings and meanings as their thoughts are translated into our language. Its very intentional. It's work on both parts as the Channel tries to express in a way that best fits the path of light sending the energy of the star message and the Channeler tries best to clearly receive the message.

All in all, I wouldn't change anything that I experienced. Well, maybe a little!;-)


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