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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

On this misty day...


She calls again...

Ever so gently,

Through the windows...

Lit up with lights singing the song of the day now wound down to a quiet slumber slowly swaying the rhythm of what has passed as each occupant still spills a bit of what transpired...


She sings,

Gently yet insistent,

with each note hitting the precise moment of a time past and times now lived as the breath of what was to come tilted on the wind, if a door beckoning me in,

to see the future as it is sung on the Ocean,

and spread through the wind from the Sea.

The Mermaid sings to me.

She bends my ear with laughter and memories.

All a frequency once known.

She reminds me of my many layers enfolded into one Form,

shimmering with the voice of Spirit,

to become a testament to the Physical, living, breathing...flying.

She breaks through all the bricks, stone walls and concrete. No sound drowns her out as she rises from the waves to say in the Mer Language...


Accept who you are,

Know you...

Your Heart will speak it's truth.

Even on land, in buildings, far away from the life you once knew.

The stars will guide you,

Memories are within you.

I am you.

From within you are me,

Singing the Song of the wind...whose frequency spirals from the Sea,

whispering pass buildings and all the things tumbling through the streets...

in octaves unknown and sounds merged perfectly balanced and set to lead...

back to the Doorway through which the Mer Spirit bathed... the light of Neptune,


His Eye spun a Tunnel for my course,

beginning with the Cosmic Sea,

that created a way for my own voice to enter...

and thus began my journey with air,

To live with it and see,

another life dreamed to be experienced,

as Human.


loved and seen is my heart spun with Mer,

forever is my Spirit Key.


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