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Breathing your Higher Self into Existence.

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

The Mermaids visit us from their Cosmic Watery Realm carrying starlight messages.

Merlight shines the theme, HEART LIGHT.

The star transmission is about being who we are in our ascended aspect, our higher self. How do we step into who we authentically are and live from this point that resonates with our higher self thus bringing Cosmic Citizenry here to our level and opening the door to breathing to life the pictures that many of us have dreamed about and came here to Earth to actualize as light beings aiding with Earth's Ascension?

First, the pictures!

Spaceships, dreams or visions of star transmissions given by ones identified as Angels, Star Commanders, Star Guides that can come as Angels, Fairies, Hybrid Beings, Mer Beings and Light Beings from other Higher Star Systems, sparks of starlight hitting our awareness that call to mind astral travel, dreams of life on other Planets, the list goes on....

We settle our bodies as frequency shifts assist us to re-remember, release, regroup and renew things thought lost. We are instrumental in helping ourselves from our Ethereal Higher Self who is always with us monitoring and guiding our gentle paths here that don't always feel smooth. Many of us have been here many many lifetimes and have tried working with different frequencies through our life course with some bumps and turbulence along the way. Sometimes it wasn't our personal moves but the collective frequency that was rocky and difficult to maintain as a higher vibration.

With all that we have experienced and hold within us as knowledge from many lifetimes, how does the star door open to aid us in pulling and flowing with this knowledge as light that streams as part of who we are today?

Let's step into the Mermaid Star Message.

A Vision appears in your mind while awake and bits of it reappear to you on different occasions as your mind recalls your dreams. There is a clicking of your subconscious and conscious mind purposely by the Higher Realms. We automatically respond and open or close to the frequency of higher information and energy as our bodies categorize things that stimulate us...our mind and our senses. Much of what we receive is already encoded within us as potential that we utilize on different Worlds/dimensions simultaniously as our Higher Self sends out light to be birthed and the Journey is a great one as we experience many things and travel back to add our piece of the star story to the record of who we are as multifaceted, multidimensional beings living through infinity.

In so many dimensions, we take on and release different frequencies.

The Mermaid Cosmic Guides are showing us in the Vision how we can open and reconnect to the paths we use to connect with our Higher Self as a part of us. We are there, on a Higher Plane and here on Earth. The opening of our heart as a stream on a higher frequency calls forth our Higher Self to gently act as an overly of our Earth Self then we have memories of traveling on other Worlds as one of the Aspects that exists simultaneously but it filters to us in relation to our stream of time and how we are taking in the perceived new energy or frequency, so we might sense a past or distant Self. As we become more comfortable with the energy that is coming in, we receive a connection that feels more personal...we click in and open to being the Higher One as our Higher Light continues its star travel but lifts us a bit with the imprint that now sits more firmly within us toward the surface where we project who we are. So, in increments we see and feel differences within us on an energetic level that begin to fill in the gaps physically. We lift vibrationally first then results begin to show that we can see. This has been going on for a long time. We heal, we grow, rejuvenation flows through us and that part of us that we thought ethereal now fills the space of our heart that we draw from on the first level of awareness and we become a Mirror of our Spirit Self that continues its Journey more closely tied to us as the next life becomes our now experience so whatever we are experiencing above becomes below. We become the one we were waiting for yet we still exist on that level of our Visions where we go through it all over again to reach attainment. We never stop being who we are yet we change all the same as we emerge with many of our star traits shining through that we already display just above us in the shimmer of stars that is our crossover point to the Ethereal Level. We begin to consciously move more and take on star assignments that open Earth in increments to the reality just above us. This takes us into the next phase of what some call extraterrestrial disclosure and living within the higher state of space travel.

The Journey begins with us as tiny sparks of our CREATORS HEART. We are love and we manifest what that means and how it looks in the physical World in a myriad of ways.

Allow love to flow through your heart and see how you expand and pour through the reality of the New World.


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