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Being Real...

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I walk down the street past a line of trees and my ears immediately begin to ring with soft sounds of bells and whistles. Fairies I think to myself...

How easy is it to continue doing whatever it is you are doing whether at home or work when your mind keeps getting dinged with Angel Messages? The more open I became to hearing the light of the Angels, the harder it became to focus on normal stuff. My intuition became clear but my body was so sensitive. It seemed like I was sensitive to everything. Food was too heavy, sounds were too loud...everything grated on my nerves yet I was perfectly fine staying up all night if a certain frequency (the Dolphin frequency) was present with me. I needed minimal sleep to function refreshed and this was not the usual me at all. 8 hours is a must!;-)

How was your experience when Divine Source touched you!?

This is how I felt with NEPTUNE, GOD of the SEA. I know I started this post about the Angels and truly it is an Angelic Door but somewhere along the transition line of light it merged with NEPTUNE.

I write this today as I look back on my experience with spirituality. Neptune's Energy came through very softly at first and then I realized that it had always been with me as I pondered and questioned my purpose for being here and how to best live it in harmony with helping others. I never expected Mer Beings to pop up or to have real intuitive thoughts about them. I always loved fantasy fiction but it was relegated to fanciful daydreaming and writing for fun but at some point my mind shifted.

Surprised...I was quite surprised! Before my Neptune Encounter I was always drawn to faeries not mermaids.

Be who you are...NEPTUNE said and I actually heard Him...and things got real!

What does this mean I said as my mind raced!? Am I about to die? I thought Neptune was telling me that I was returning back to him and that I had to shift back into a Mermaid upon returning...that meant death to my mind at the time. I was frantic.

I kept replaying everything over and over again in my mind that had happened up to that point that seemed connected to NEPTUNE. I always assumed that it wasn't real when I would dream of odd things such as spaceships, extraterrestrials or see weird stuff that lingered somehow beyond my dreams. Time moved on but my thoughts persisted of NEPTUNE, then everything seemed to tumble out as far as what I actually felt about Mer beings, fairies and angels and that's just to mention a few because another Spirit Face appeared, a Wolf with the posture of a Man...a Werewolf. Perhaps the word Werewolf gets a bad rap but they are in existence somewhere. Besides, if NEPTUNE revealed Mer Beings, Angels and Faeries, why not Werewolves. Werewolves are more so a thought sent to our consciousness rather then a Light field of a Being trying to make contact like the Angels. The Angels are in a light field that travels closer to us but Werewolves make contact more distantly. Werewolves have an extremely strong light field that as of yet is not directed here but we can receive intelligence from them that we might sense as star information sent to assist us with remembering our star heritage and how to read the stars as we consciously connect back to them but we might never see a Wolf Face. What we will gain is the knowledge they send.

Well, I am a firm believer in us living several lives after this experience and perhaps I am an extremely young one who has been here several lifetimes and just couldn't get it right because everything started pouring forth this lifetime and I've had the motto...I'm absolutely not doing that about things that seemed harsh, insensitive or inconsiderate of other people. I'm by far not perfect but still at a very young age I would get dinged by my consciousness if I even stepped close to doing something that just didn't feel like I was considering the other person. Because of this I set out on a path of helping others as much as I could to the point of becoming unbalanced. I lost sight of myself for a long time but not so long when I really look back. It just feels long because it was painful. I hurt if I did something wrong and I hurt trying to help other people too much. I wish the Angels would have dinged me back into balance quicker though but that was my lesson to learn. I sense I was an impulsive person before, quick to have fun without giving much thought to consequences. This lifetime I would think of everything until I sent myself into a coma with sleep being the only thing accomplished unless I was helping someone else. Perhaps my spirit ran home and I was born again with a fresh source of light to pull from. I was New again, born again, refreshed and scared to death because along with being reincarnated into a new life, new form, I still received a stream of light carrying trickles of memories from my past life. It looked like I still had a few things to work out from the past but with a different intuitive eye I could work things out this lifetime from a different perspective.

So, here I am again as a mixture of a little bit of the old me and the newly born me.;-)

At least that's my take on it!

But, when I started realizing that my dreams were becoming visions and I was seeing traumatic experiences from the past and going through difficult situations today...I spiraled into fear and depression because I felt that I didn't understand what was happening and I just couldn't get things right! The world felt too harsh and I felt too sensitive. Again, it felt like a long experience but it probably wasn't actually that long but hey we aren't living to the age of 300 so it still felt long to me! Well, I studied and studied and studied. I searched for God in religion, sought to help people and hit a brick wall of disappointment until I reached a limit. For someone who dreamed constantly I began to see only darkness when I fell asleep and woke up on autopilot. I don't know how I made it day to day but I didn't feel like I was here anymore and I wasn't sure that I wanted to be though death scared me to a point.

What could I do?

This is the point when NEPTUNE who you are.

I thought I was being who I was so I said...does this mean come home!? A part of me sensed home as somewhere else and I felt I was being called to it. Well, I snapped out of it and said, I don't want to come home!;-) How can I get myself together! I was practicing meditation at the time, something we never did in my former religion and I was learning about body chakras...I was in school at the time to become a massage therapist so this opened the way for me to become more conscious of holistic health. I loved it but it was so ingrained in me to learn from others and to seek out teachers that it took awhile for me to truly understand going within.

With NEPTUNE guiding me and my Higher Self along with what I consider the stranger side of things, Angels, Faeries and Werewolves, I began to slowly see me and feel my own inner strength. Of course it was now connected with Mermaids but in a different sense. I simply had an understanding of where I come from and how I could apply what I was learning this lifetime to my growth as a star child. We are all star children from many different Realms. I am human today to bring a bit of understanding from the stars as NEPTUNE sends it while navigating through Human energy. My human journey I feel can be likened to seeing different colors that we get to play with and bend and mold to what we know pulses with life. The Universe supports us and we support it. My experience with a Werewolf Guide began as subconscious teachings only..not a visual of his face then it shifted as I gained or opened to second sight. I wasn't conscious of anything beyond the veil before. I only thought I was drawn to fantasy fiction writings about fairies and loved astrology because it was different or interesting but not necessarily real.

Well, here I am today with the experience of memories of past lives crashing and merged into this one. It was like the left and right side of my brain were fighting with each other because though I always believed in life outside of Earth nothing ever smacked me in the face to believe it. I was shocked to the core and a lot came after that but I won't go on and on. I will say it was not easy, no one around me really fully understood what I was going through though some had their own experiences. Some said they weren't comfortable with otherworldly experiences. Well, things are a bit more open here now perhaps because of a shift in energy but its still challenging....being real in a world designed for specific dreams.

What was your experience with your Third Eye!?


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