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Goddess Light*Athena

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The landscape of the World is changing before us. Energy spent long ago, sent by the Gods and Goddesses and left anchored in our Sunlight is still with us. The energy speaks with a voice of it's own. It is a testament to life beyond what we think is real.

How do we feel or sense it!?

We sense it through the very ways in which we live our lives. We bring magic to life or we silence it in our lives as it moves to and through another Door, heralding it's existence as real. Perhaps Inner Earth, Mount Shasta speaks with it's presence. Magic has a dual Door some say...of dark and light to which both return to the light. The *Golden Scales* of Goddess Athena are balancing as energy that settled long ago is read. Much is possible. Forward momentum in life with achievements in all that we dreamed of before we were born are written in light and possible...

But also, what is etched in the ground, in the very Earth calls out its name becoming a purpose now meant to live and bare witness to what has been growing all along since light touched darkness. What is darkness!? The opposite of light or is it simply darkness because we can't yet see? We build on what we don't understand at glimmers of light spark interest in the past...past lives, past art, history, ancient books...ancient ways of reading things like the stars.

In truth, we are the foundation, we carry the light. We open the way for truth to continue its path be it of the Name of Sea God Poseidon, Zeus, Goddess Athena, Nix or Jehovah. What we allow to flow through our consciousness, our light is what will come to be...


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